The mission of Morrison Design House is to provide unique interior design services to clients building or renovating in the state of Maine. We believe that location is key and proximity to our natural environment creates a perspective that is thoughtful and fresh. All clients who work with R.P. Morrison Builders, Inc. as their General Contractor are welcome to engage the services of Morrison Design House. Clients have the option to select full service interior design or pick from an al la carte menu of options which include space planning, furniture sourcing, interior architectural design and fixture/finish selection.  


CAD drawings are available and encouraged for all full service Interior Design clients. Using scaled drawings of each space; clients are able to visualize solutions to space planning initiatives. After hearing a client's goals for the project, we take detailed measurements and use those to create floor plans. These plans become the outline for new interior architecture, furniture layouts and millwork. 


Detailed elevations are provided for all millwork within a project. This includes kitchen design, bath vanity design and other custom pieces such as wet/dry bars, bookshelves, window seats, mudroom cubbies, etc. These drawings will be used to bring each creation to life in our millwork shop right next door. 


For all clients who want help with sourcing furniture, window treatments, flooring, wall finishes and fixtures we provide presentation boards to help convey the aesthetic of each space. We work with a wide range of local vendors and artisans as well as larger furniture companies from other parts of the country. 



After the initial walk through of your property, we will present a letter of agreement that outlines the services selected and a timeline for the project. This timeline includes all space planning and drawing services. If custom pieces are being ordered (which can take up to 12 weeks) this timeline establishes a realistic sense of when a project can be 100% completed. 


The next step is creating a budget for the project and making selections within that budget. You may be involved in the selection process as little or as much as you like. While some clients enjoy shopping with our various vendors and suppliers; others choose not to participate in this phase. We welcome either option. These selections will be used to create schedules for fixtures and finishes so each part of the project is well organized. 


We will work with all the various subcontractors, vendors and furniture suppliers to complete quality work that adheres to the agreed upon timelines. Furniture will be coordinated to arrive as closely together as possible and we will be on site to install each piece/accessorize as necessary. 


Our goal is to make this process seamless and fun. Interior Design should be something that adds an element of excitement and ease to your life - especially when selections are made that improve the quality of your surroundings. We always want to provide enough documentation that our clients fully understand their choices and feel as though they are in control of the project. 

Come work with us and see!